Yamaha P35 Review


Are you looking for a versatile piano?!

There is no doubt that piano selection is not an easy task, even for professional musicians. Brands keep on presenting innovative technologies in their models. Which is why you desire to learn and understand product features and benefits before making your ultimate piano buying decision.

You already know how popular Yamaha is in the musical instrument manufacturing. This brand utilizes the best technologies available out there to offer versatile and effective pianos for users. That is why smart piano buyers focus solely on getting one model from this brand only.

So, the next question appears about the model you should be buying from Yamaha. Well, Yamaha P35 has made a name for itself in no time. No matter whether you are looking for graded hammer or multiple sound effects, this is the reliable choice for you.

Let’s understand how this model suits your needs through this detailed Yamaha P35 review.

Yamaha P35 Features:

Graded Hammer Setting:

The keys of Yamaha P35 let you have an arrangement, according to the graded hammer setting. This special setting is a signature feature that Yamaha offers you in many other pianos as well. You experience an easy-to-handle action of keys when playing.

The graded hammer setting makes lower tone keys heavier when you use and higher tone keys lighter to use. This gives you an acoustic level usability to this piano. Keys respond exactly the way they you desire. And even if you are a beginner, adjusting to this setting takes no time. Experienced players admire the sense of comfort when playing Yamaha P35.

This feature brings a realistic acoustic piano feel whenever you are playing Yamaha P35. There are 88 keys that come with touch sensitivity for you and weighing exactly the way you feel in acoustic pianos.

AVM Sound Technology:

Your search for realistic and deep sound effects end with Yamaha P35. The rich piano sound becomes possible for you with this model through its AVM technology, which is also called Advanced Wave Memory. Multiple tones and volumes become a part of your music with the voice that piano creates. You can change sampling and play as you desire. This is something that every musician looks for when in pianos.

AVM technology allows you to improve digital features of a song you have already recorded. You can make the sound richer or distort to rearrange the sound. This is what makes it great for music creators.

Simple Operation:

If you are thinking about the discomfort of managing multiple sound effects. Forget about it! Yamaha P35 offers you the simplest ways to control every operation. All you need to do is push a single button.

Piano voice changes with a little pressure of your fingertips. The key is provided right under the piano’s voice label. You can engage that key to make every voice change happen immediately.

Split Mode:

Split mode is another effective feature that Yamaha P35 provides. You can use this mode to create two separate pianos and make your keyboard usable for two players at the same time.

If you like to collaborate with other musicians, Yamaha P35 is perfect with split mode feature. You can learn together, practice and create two music pieces at once.

Energy Efficient:

If you have a music studio or even create music in your home, utility bills present a great budget problem. Yamaha P35 plays an important part in reducing your energy consumption.

No unnecessary power consumption happen due to switched on piano. This model senses the inactivity of your piano and switches off the power if no one uses the device for a certain period.

Incredible Connectivity:

As a musician, you always have to work with multiple devices and instruments. That connectivity is attainable for you with Yamaha P35. It contains all kinds of hooking and connection ports.

You can find the midi out, which is a port that allows you to connect your piano with many other MIDI devices. You can conveniently connect newly bought Yamaha P35 to your existing setting of instruments.

In fact, you can connect this piano with all kinds of smartphone, iPad or laptops. All kinds of apps run smoothly when connected to this piano. So, if there is a music recording app that you love, connect it to this piano and create music.

You will also receive sustain pedal and headphone jack in this model.

Versatile functions:

Apart from the Split mode, there are different other functions that you would admire about Yamaha P35. It comes to you with Metronome, Transpose, Tuning, and even Dual Mode. These functions help you create all kinds of music that suit your musicality.


  • Yamaha P35 has a weight about 40 pounds, which lets you easily transport.
  • Graded hammering makes this piano perfect for acoustic sound appeal.
  • Giving piano lessons seems much easier and effective when you have Split Mode function.
  • Controlling sound effects and other operations take not much of your effort.
  • Features make the costs of this model really affordable.
  • Both MIDI In and MIDI Out ports are available.
  • 88 keys come aligned with a sleek design of the piano model.


  • The polyphony in the keyboard is not as effective as you desire.
  • You don’t get any inbuilt recorder in this piano model.
  • Connectivity capacity seems limited without a USB port.
  • The pedal response of the model is in the opposite direction than general piano models.

Final Thoughts

All in all, Yamaha P35 scores high marks in categories such as sound quality, efficiency, connectivity, and cost. So, this machine makes all kinds of players capable in terms of music creation. Even beginners can operate without any difficulty. And advanced level pianists can maximize their skills with this feature-rich piano model.

Whether you play alone or have a whole team to collaborate with, Yamaha P35 serves the purpose. So, you can invest without thinking any longer and leverage this piano for advanced music creation experience.


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