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Are you looking for a piano that justifies its brand name and works smooth as silk? Have you been searching for a piano that gives a natural and realistic feel along with giving a power-packed performance? If such issues bother you, then read further.

Apparently, the Yamaha P155 incorporates some of the best features that easily provide the feel of a realistic piano. When people talk about pianos, it is impossible to not hear Yamaha’s name in the lead. Keeping that in mind, the P155 has entered the list for the best budgeted pianos in the market.

Through this Yamaha P155 review, you will get familiar with all the features, pros and cons of this device to find out whether this device is suitable for your needs or not. That said, let us dig right into it.

Yamaha P155 Features:

Realistic Sound:

The authentic grand piano sound of the Yamaha P155 with dynamic bass, crystal-clear highs and warm mid-range is a result of the inclusion of the sound of Yamaha’s acclaimed CFIIIS 9’ concert grand piano.

This sound is reproduces and makes the Pure CF-equipped digital pianos virtuous of the Yamaha name. In addition, the two 12 watt speakers that come with the Yamaha P155 tend to be substantial enough to provide you with a very realistic sound by pumping out all the volume.

Not to forget, the piano produces a 128-note polyphony, which ensures you that no notes are cut prematurely, even if you tend to play a complex piece.

Hammer Action Technology:

The piano also has the graded hammer action technology that allows you to play the keys with balanced heaviness and lightness among them. It works for you equally on the 88 keys and contributes to a feeling similar that to of an acoustic piano.

The matte finish of the black keys are less slippery for you while playing for longer periods. No doubt, professional pianists contributed to the making of the Yamaha P155 for you as the recorded sounds are minimally processed for you after recording to maintain the sonic integrity.

Dynamic Stereo Sampling:

Dynamic stereo sampling is a technology, which uses a range of sound samples to allow you to show maximum expression. A unique quality of range and tonal expressions is provided to you depending on the force used to strike each key from one of the four audio recordings. This feature is an achievement for digital pianos.

When you play softly, it does not simply lower the volume for you but also produces the quiet recording of the notes of the piano. When you play more forcefully the triggers separate samples at different levels.

Integrated Metronome and Track Recorder:

The Yamaha P155 makes learning and teaching simpler and easier for you as it features a track recorder, dual headphone jacks and an integrated metronome.

If you are an instructor, then you can follow individual progress without disturbing the practice of your students seated nearby. Its two-track recorder enables you to record three songs at a time. Moreover, it offers you a larger memory storage for compositions.


The P155 also provides you with AUX out jacks through which audio can be sent to power speakers or an external amplifier for enhanced sound effects during parties, concerts and events.

These professional ¼’’ jacks do not disable the preinstalled speakers when the headphone output is used. It also enables you to connect it to a digital device, such as an iPad or a computer with the help of the USB TO HOST port.


The Yamaha P155 offers you a feature, which is called, dubbed the Note on, Note off. This features offers you a replica of reverberations produced using actual strings when the hammer is lifted and the key is released.

Four separate volume recordings are played depending upon how hard the key is pressed by you corresponding to the four different levels of touch sensitivity.

The piano also provides you with 50 preset compositions and an attractive, an easy to use LED display, and a warranty of 3 years. It has a variety of rich voices from organs, bass to electric pianos.

Some More Features:

Unlike other digital pianos, which have plastic keys, the Yamaha P155 provides you with keys made of synthetic ivory. Thus, it offers you a set of premium keys that are sweat- and noise-proof when they are pressed instantly.

This feature helps you avoid nervousness during your performance! In addition, it also offers you a FC4 foot switch sustain pedal to experiment with sound effects. On top of that, there is an option for you to add more pedals as well.


  • Has a dynamic expressions and realistic sound.
  • Handcrafted piano along with high-quality voices.
  • DSS technology, a great achievement for a digital piano.
  • Graded hammer technology to reproduce the true ‘feel’ of a piano.
  • Has two-channel amplifiers along with internal high power.
  • Digital portable piano.
  • Versatility is the primary advantage.
  • Great choice for amateurs and beginners, features 50 preset songs and 17 preset voices
  • Piano’s touch sensitivity and response is praiseworthy
  • Gives a classy feel due to its mahogany top-board


  • Its keys seem to be too heavy in comparison to a standard acoustic piano.
  • Its heavy in terms of weight, a little difficult to carry around.

Final Thoughts

After looking at all the features, pros and cons of the Yamaha P155 versatile would be the correct adjective for it, owing to all its exclusive and helpful features.

Its realistically touch sensitive graded hammer keyboard and acoustic sound make it easy for you to enjoy playing at parties, for family occasions, and other locations.

The Yamaha P155 is worth consideration for beginners as well as pros. It is a complete package of versatility, affordable price, and an attractive design and all the features make it worth buying.

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