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You must agree that a portable and lightweight piano is worth considering. Whether you are beginner or an advance-level player, quality features are needed in both cases. The search for an excellent product proves hectic without reliable review right? Hundreds of options are out there and you do not want to make a wrong decision.

The fact that you have landed on this page says that you understand the importance of evaluating a piano before buying. That is why you want to learn all about the quality, sound, and other features.

Yamaha CP4 is a trustworthy choice for every piano feature you have in mind. Advanced technology and sustainability become a part of your life as a piano player. And it all comes with Yamaha CP4.

This Yamaha CP4 review includes each and every detail regarding the features, pros, and cons of this incredible instrument which you can carry anywhere.

Let’s begin to reach the right buying decision.

Yamaha CP4 Features:

Sound effects:

The Yamaha CP4 offers you an amazing sound quality with Grand Piano sound feature. It provides top-notch concert quality of sounds to enlarge the impact of your performances.

You can showcase a variety of sounds such as clavinet, bass, strings, organ, drums, and strings. This is what makes Yamaha CP4 different than your traditional electric and acoustic pianos. You receive more than 320 sounds that are built-in the instrument.

Acoustic samples:

Yamaha CP4 is a wonderful collection of acoustic samples that you have been looking for all this time.

For an amazing tone and cover a large concert area, you get CFX voice quality that offers Grand sound to showcase your talent in the best possible manner. You can even have the resonant bass with CFIIIS sample.

Along with that, a deeper tone and warmer acoustic feel become easier to attain when you are playing with Yamaha CP4.

Being a combination of all the mentioned incredible samples, this piano proves to be a smart choice for your shows and versatile vocals.

Iconic Plugged in Sounds:

CP4 model from Yamaha makes you equipped with all kinds of sounds. Plugged-in sounds make it a perfect instrument when you need electric piano quality of sounds by your side.

CP80 electric is the sound you desire generally when recording electronic songs. The world-class quality of CP80 in this piano serves your purpose every time.

For a retro appeal, you can shift to DX7 piano sound, which offers an error-free sound to work with. Similarly, there are various other electric sounds that allow Yamaha CP4 to serve you as an electric piano as well.

The unique approach to using pickups is the main reason why you will fall in love with the electric sounds. The approach is exactly the way it is used when you play an electric guitar.

Futuristic Technology:

Yamaha has always been known for innovative technologies. And with CP4, the brand offers you advanced VCM technology, also known as Virtual Circuitry Modeling. This is what brings a realistic appeal to the production of sound. VCM technology provides you special effects and simulations that take your musical capacities to a whole new level of excellence.

Convenient Functionality:

This piano scores top marks even in the control panel usage category. The whole panel has been focused towards your convenience. You can use features of adjusting sounds and storing different sounds in given categories, which takes not more than a few seconds. It takes a single push of a button to split your keyboard and create dual layers of sounds.

Along with that, you feel a sense of ease when using CP4 with LCD display, scroll wheel, and other control features. Scroll wheel provides quick access and navigation and LCD display presents all relevant data in front of you.

Natural Keyboard Appeal:

The keytops have a natural design with wooden material. You get a graded hammer activity from the keys. This mechanism from Yamaha allows you to have lighter keys as you move towards the heavier pitch.

Along with that, you also get Damper Sensor from Yamaha CP4 that improves your acoustic playing capabilities. You can repeat a note again and again without any mistake. The perfect articulation of sound blends in during your performance. That too, without using the available sustain pedal.


Every instrument effect is possible for you with this one piano. An extensive list of 433 voices is available for you to create a musical magic every time your fingertips touch the keys.


  • Grand Piano Sound of Yamaha CP4 offers you multiple sound effects with 433 voices.
  • The lightweight model with 88 keys is easy to carry.
  • Split your piano or use touch layer for versatile musical experience.
  • Sleek design and wooden keys provide comfortable piano experience.
  • LCD display is large and has its own display light.
  • Connectivity is top-notch as well with audio outputs, USP ports, and MIDI ports.
  • A foot pedal is present to provide a dampening impact when you are playing.


  • Though it offers value to your invested money, one can see price as a disadvantage.
  • You don’t get inbuilt speakers in Yamaha CP4.

Final Thoughts

So, now, you must be thinking what should be the next step?!

Yamaha CP4 has gained a huge level of admiration in the musical instrument market. If you belong to the music industry, create music in studios and play in concerts, this is the right choice for you. The responsiveness, sound diversity, and quality are a few key points that make Yamaha CP4 effective for musicians.

If you desire to use Yamaha CP4 indoors, invest a little extra in speakers and you become ready. This piano comes with the brand reliability and assurance of innovation. The body has a design that makes playing comfortable and easy. And you already know the impact of sound effects it offers.

So, hopefully, now you feel confident about investing in Yamaha CP4 and improve your acoustic and electric music creation capabilities.

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