Kawai CE220 Review


Are you trying to find a piano that suits your multitasking purpose? Do you feel confused while searching for musical instruments that naturally sound beautiful? Many musicians feel the same and find it a daunting task to spend hours and hours searching for the right instrument.

You may agree to the fact that not all pianos are the same when it comes to sound, quality, and functions. For aspiring musicians, this is even trickier as they are not aware of the advance level terms used for defining the features of a musical instrument.

Well it seems like the Kawai CE220 is a great choice for you. This formidable piano offers the hybrid technology of acoustic and digital pianos, which is a signature feature only Kawai owns.

In this Kawai CE220 review, you will see all the primary features of this musical instrument, and learn how it will help you in your musical hobby or career.

Kawai CE220 Features:

Wooden Key Action:

The CE220’s “wooden key action” feature stands out as one of its most innovative features. Kawai offers its signature AWA ProII Hammer Action function, which is an earlier version of their RM3 action.

This function has replaced the usual plastic keys, found in digital pianos, with full-length wooden keys (made of ivory and ebony) to add a natural feel for you while playing it. The instrument lets you adjust the weightage on the sound by pressing the key softly or hardly, just like in a grand acoustic piano.

Continuous Harmonic Imaging:

Kawai’s progressive harmonic imaging technology is a refined feature, which combines sampling and physical modelling to let you generate natural sounds.

In addition, adding a 40-watt speaker system gives you the power of amplifying the sounds as per your preference. In fact, it did a great job to create better sounds if you compare it to an upright piano.

Sound functions:

To give you an idea of its sound features, the CE220 provides you with the following digital sounds: 192 polyphony notes, 29 song presets, and 22 internal voices. These sounds let you create beautiful music using preset tones recorded from various instruments such as synth, electric piano, harpsichord, organ, etc.

In addition, the Kawai CE220 offers you a number of effects, which are 5 reverbs, 2 rotaries, chorus and delay effects. It lets you enhance your music effects and create complex compositions.

You are also provided with two headphone jacks so that you can practice playing on it using a pair of headphones, without disturbing your surroundings. It also has a recorder function that will let you record and listen to your playbacks.


The CE220 also offers you a metronome to practice your rhythm and time intervals. Though the metronome comes with basic time signatures, yet you will also find 100 types of drum beat rhythms useful for enjoying playing music with stunning beats in the background.


For connectivity, the CE220 offers you the ability to connect any smart device with the USB port on the piano. This lets you synchronize your music data at will.

The unit also incorporates two MIDI jack ports, Line-IN and Line-OUT, which will let you connect external speakers, recorders, amplifiers, etc. There is also a music sheet holder where you can rest your laptop by folding it down to give you more user-friendliness.

Virtual Voicing and Technician:

The piano’s touch curve and virtual voicing functionality lets you choose any of the 6 types of user presets. This gives you the freedom to avoid time consumption in customizing the piano for its resonance, tuning, tempo, etc.

Dual / Split mode:

Many musicians have to play duets or teach students on their pianos. This is where the CE220’s duet/split feature comes in handy. It lets you divide the 88 keys into 2 equal key sets, which you can then play with another player right next to you.

Another function incorporated in this instrument is the balance slider that lets you emphasize the sounds on any of the two sides during the split keyboard function.

3 – Pedal System Combination

The piano provides you with a 3-Pedal System, similar to grand pianos. The three pedals: Soft, Sostenuto, and Damper lets you create complex compositions with ease. Moreover, there is also a half-damper function installed in this unit that will let you experiment with the sounds even more.


  • The wooden-key HammerAction AWA ProII class is great for all level of pianists.
  • Full-length keys give you more advantage ergonomically.
  • Counterbalanced harmonic imaging with efficient progression
  • Diversified pedal system for generating complex music.
  • Inbuilt 40-watt amplifiers that offer you sound better than an upright model.
  • USB-to-smart device I/O unit adds a diversified connectivity function for you.
  • Virtual Technician presets for advance-level customizations.
  • Multiple sound functions for you to enhance monotonous music pieces.
  • Cost-effective price with decent features.
  • 3-year Warranty to ensure high-end durability.
  • Ergonomic and sturdy design
  • Laptop-friendly music sheet holder


  • Stiffness in the keys when pressed near the starting point.
  • Not comfortable for duets for advanced music compositions.
  • Beginner-level time signature presets on the metronome.
  • May or may not accompany a bench.
  • Speaker system distorts sound when volume is at max.

Final Thoughts

In the end, it would be appropriate to say that the Kawai CE220 is a piano that you can enjoy playing alone or with partners without worrying about complicated functions. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced level player, you will find this instrument useful for your music practices without breaking a sweat.

Keeping its quality, design, features and sturdiness in mind, we rate it with 8.2 out of 10. Let us know what you think about the device and feel free to ask any questions related to this instrument.

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