My name is Robert Davis. I have spent 22 years in the music industry, especially as a stage pianist. My experience as a pianist has made me, obviously an expert in stage pianos.

Throughout my career as a stage pianist, I have seen it changing where people were more used to traditional pianos (acoustic piano) which takes a lot of space and vulnerable to damage while shifting places. With changing times and liking the traditional pianos has been replaced with digital pianos. It was an alternative to people who have less space at their homes like a one bedroom apartment and it is easy to carry also.

I have noticed all these years that people who buy or plan to buy any piano are get tricked by the seller as they are usually not well informed about the features of the piano. They don’t even have access to the authentic person, expert or site to get guidance before purchasing pianos. I sighed every time a friend or acquaintance of mine was tricked or forced to buy some piano, which was not worthy of their spent money.

I also have come to instances where a single mother plans to buy a piano for her child and finally, in the absence of appropriate information or knowledge, she ends up buying a low standard piano. I can tell you numerous other examples where people have just spent their hard earned money on something non- standard and poor quality piano.

For me, a piano is a piece which connects to your heart and soul. It should not be treated as just a piece of the instrument rather a medium of your expression. Many reviewers do not even know the exact emotional value attached to the musical instrument and that is why their reviews or guidance lacks personal likeness and the whole guidance becomes a piece of business for them.

I decided to come up with this site to make people aware and informed about buying pianos. I am aware of the fact that people do not know the technical details of pianos. They are also not aware of the different types of trusted brands like Yamaha, Kawai, and Roland.

Many customers are not even aware of the difference between pianos like Acoustic pianos, Compact digital pianos, and Stage Pianos. Nuances like wood types from which pianos are made, basic colors of the instrument are not known by the customer. This site would definitely help them in their quest for well-researched reviews or guide about pianos.

Different review sites post different prices for the same piano brand and model which confuses customers even more and in the absence of authentic guide they end up spending their money as well as precious time.

I do not believe in half-hearted work and try to give my 100% when I review any model. The experience gained by me helps me to determine the value of any Piano model according to its features. I can firmly say that comparing prices and reviewing any model not only requires knowledge but also the experience of handling them. My 22 year career as stage pianist gives me that kind of insight and that too instantly.

Thus, we guarantee you that:

I have created this site with only and only good intention. My idea behind creating this site is giving you authenticated, well researched, well thought, nicely crafted, easy and non confusing reviews of piano models. We will talk about simple DIYs and tips for your musical instrument. The site would be incorporating valuable and informative articles that would easy enough to understand in one go. We will talk about everything related to the details attached to the specific model or piece.

I respect my readers a lot and know that many of them would already know much about the pianos and especially digital pianos. So, of course, they can’t be fooled in any way.

As a professional in the music industry, I clearly know the value of time and energy spent on something. Therefore, I value your time and can assure you that every minute spent on this site would be somehow useful for your knowledge on the subject. The quality of information will match with the time spent by you.

There would be no need to visit multiple of sites just searching for the best and easy articles on the subject. The site will incorporate each and everything attached to the musical instruments and related areas. All the technical jargons and all the complicated terms would be explained in easy language.

This site has been created by keeping in mind all the problems or challenges faced by pianist themselves or someone who wants to know about this musical instrument.

I hope and wish this reviewing site brings your kind of happiness for you.